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Part of Dana, we ensure the best service solution for our local customers and partners. Offering a complete range of electro-mechanical and hydraulic solutions for mobile and industrial applications, we back your business with a top-class range of servicing, repair, refurbishment and engineering support services.

Application and product knowledge, as well as a wealth of industry-specific experience that is shared as one of Dana’s unrivalled assets, will provide you with whatever expert guidance and advice you need.

Dana SAC China has a good sales record having sold successfully over 70.000 units in several market sectors: construction machinery, deck machinery, steel, mining, energy, tunnel boring machinery, plastics equipment. Please, contact our dynamic and experienced sales staff for any enquiry. Dana China will provide you its best service.

For more information, or to discuss your requirements, please contact us.

Service and Assembly Centres (SACs)

Address: 7th Floor, Tower B, Hongwell International Plaza, 1602, Zhongshan Road West, Shanghai, 200235 China
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